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Looking for help


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Hello all,

Joining because I have no idea how to get off these things. Tried cold turkey and didn’t sleep for 72 hrs. Clonazapam current dose 2mg going on three years now.

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Hello rswannabe, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Cold turkey is awful isn't it, I had no idea what had happened to me since I didn't realize these drugs needed to be tapered.  I'm glad you reinstated, this way you can hopefully get started on a taper and remain functional while you're getting rid of the drug.


Have you stabilized yet, it can take awhile for things to calm down after what you've been through.  We typically suggest reducing your dose by about 5-10% every couple of weeks or whatever your symptoms dictate so you can hopefully still function.


I'll give you some links to some resources and the boards on the forum that may be pertinent to your situation but please let us know how we can help.




Colorado Consortium Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidelines


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


The Ashton Manual



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