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"Bad Breathing Happenning any other memeber suffering this"

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Last Night and NOW this morning My Breathing is terrible I Gasp for air.....I llike sound like a foghorn its so loud.

I shut my door as do not want to my husband to leave sleep. But would really love him to comfort me, but heits very difficult as we canot sleep together for these last 3 years.

I have been doing this Bad Breathig for several years but NOT as bad as this......

In the Accidental Addicts it states how one can have this problem. Saying its like having an "elephant on your chest"....

I'm really frightened its not a panic attack. Its totally different from a panic atack. I do have these as well.

PLEASE I dont want anybody to think I am making  afuss.

I am on my own have to do everything myself.

My husband is here at times but mostly at sea...

I dont like to worry him as he will not give up work, he has to work for us to survive.....

Only My Parents who are in there 80's will halp me my son/daughter have given up on me as I tried sadly to take my life several times because of bad pain.

I still feel suicidal but have no plans to take my life.Although I hate living like this. But am bedridden only getting up for obvious reasons.

I cannot even lay on  a couch or sit in a chair for long as have these muyclonic Jerks and bad physical pain.

I have a lot to taper off and , it all seems pretty hopeless although I try to not think like this.....

I DO NOT have Agorophobia at the moment.

I would love to get out of my house but cannot as have got bad balance,bad pain and jerks....

I read other' stories and hope somebody can make me feel even though I am in such a bad physical state I can get through this even though on still a large amount of Diazepam.

My cuts are very small I cannot do them any larger or quicker.

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Hi Tess,


I didn't have breathing issues, but I did have the elephant on my chest and it made it difficult to breathe because of the pressure I felt.  I knew though, that fretting about it made it much worse, so I tried to keep calm and just try to take slow, measure deep breaths.  I'm glad you've been reading about benzo withdrawal, the more we educate ourselves, hopefully the less we'll fear.


I hope you can find some distraction, that was the only way I could get my mind off of my symptoms.



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Hi Tess,


If I have read correctly, you have .5 mg to finally be free of the benzo?  Breathing problems has/have been one of my worst symptoms.  During my taper I couldn't walk 10 feet without gasping for air.  I hyperventilated frequently and it would actually wake me up from a sound sleep.  Yes, the abnormal breathing had nothing to do with panic attacks.  I worked at doing deep breathing exercises to help relax the symptom.  If I was walking I would stop dead in my tracks, bend over, RELAX and wait until I could take a good breath.  I realized that my breathing was not going to totally stop and that I had enough oxygen in my system to sustain me until it passed.  I have been dealing with this for over 3 years and I am seeing some good improvements with my breathing.  Your true healing will occur once you have benzos out of your systems and some TIME under your belt.  Please do not give up hope.  You CAN do this.  There have been many members who are/were alone and made it through with the help of this site.  In the meantime, baby yourself and think positive thoughts about the future.  I thoroughly read the Ashton Manual and when new symptoms arose I took it with a grain of salt.....what else can we do?  Once you are up to it you may want to have some testing done to ease your mind.  I used a heating pad to help with the pain.  The constant jerks didn't bother me ......they were just annoying and those, too, will eventually stop.  Hold on tight, Tess.


Patty  xo

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Good advice stoneyco with the heating pads!  I always joke that I should but stock in Thermacare because I use so many of their heating pads, but they really do help with pain and muscle stuff.  You are right about the annoying twitching and myclonic muscle movements going away.  At 4 months mine are only 1/4 of what they were in the beginning.


I have problems with breathing mostly in the morning.  All the muscles surrounding my chest and abdomen tighten and it feels like I am being squeezed, making it very difficult to breath or feel like I took a satisfying breath.  This however has improved a great deal as time went on.


I just try to make myself as comfortable as possible and ride it out when things are unbearable.


Hang in there Tess, you are not alone, we are with you!

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