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To what extent is a symptom possible?


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I want to know what's possible during this... I have a pretty good idea why this is so complex and happen, GABA receptors throughout the body, Glutamate storms, Nervous system (Both CNS and PNS) injury which effects near by systems including The vestibular system

Musculatory system

integumentary system,autonomic nervous system lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, and reproductive systems which all produce their own symptoms along with sensory perception complications, Vagus nerve corruption and so on all create the perfect, F you" to which I've never heard of a substance that causes this much injury... And I'm a cancer survival twice having to endure chemotherapy multiple times. I thought that was bad but this is just so much more pronounced and intense. Symptoms I didn't know was possible


My question is about two symptoms I had in the past

1) Burning intestines: This one scared me so bad, in the pubic hair area I'd either get this extreme burning sensition that wasn't on the skin it was within. Or I'd get the reversal where my intestines would itch like you wouldn't believe. It was so bad I went 5 months sitting on stomach to apply pressure to that area just to slightly get it to stop and no one had any idea what the issue was. To this day if I feel anything in that area I freak out and shut down. The symptom has happened at least 11 times times now. Haven't had it in 8 months.


2) This one also sent me into a dark fearful place. Degrees of pain in my upper left abdominal section where the liver was. I even had shoulder pain and yellowing of the eyes slightly. Went to the doctor because it my liver it freaked me out bad, had blood work done, ALT, AST levels drawn and Billy Ruben done (I probably messed up that spelling but it checks your bile) urine sample, CT and MRI scan down and finally a biopsy was done... Levels are two points over the recommendation but there's no indication of liver damage.


I just wanna know if any of that is even possible. I haven't heard anyone talk about any of those symptoms before.

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