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New visual symptoms. Has anyone experienced this


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Between neurological, perception systems like feeling like my mind is stretching outside of my head and visual issues, I can't tell you which is worse... It's just very upsetting when they all hit at the same time. I can tell you that my visual issues have lasted the longest and its terribling. I've had 12 visual issues which if I anyone is interested I will list after I ask my question as sharing symptoms is comforting and I aim to provide as much of my symptoms so that in the future someone can see the list I make and feel a sense of "OH thank God... There it is, I'm not screwed".


In the mean time I need some help please.

I got a new visual issue, previous visual issues have seem to increase which is upsetting enough but now when I look at words, they look pixelated now, or they stretch away from themselves. Anyone have this happen? And does anyone know of anyone who's had visual issues lasting a year, then they went away for good because these visual issues keep coming back just when I think I'm in the clear.


Visual issues so far

1) Hall way looks stretched

2) seeing yellow spots in vison

3) seeing visual snow

4) blurred vison

5) Hellucinations

6) grainy vision, like when I look at the carpet it either looks off and weird or I swear I can see the fibers

7) Hyper visual perception, you know when you concentrate on something you're visual field moves up... Well it's like that but that zoom never goes away

8) I know the eyes have no receptors for pain but I swear I use to get these uncomfortable sensations like I could feel my eyes

9) Feeling like I was on the edge of blindness I really could never explain this one but it was the most terrifying

10) Dim vision

11) oh I had this freaky visual issue where I was in the hospital having a bad anxiety attack, my vision went to tunnel vision and then that tunnel started moving and shaking aggressively, my visual field stretched again and finally that tunnel narrowed out so thin it was insane


12)that drunken feild you get when drunk

13) flickering vison

14) light sensitivity

15) Visual auras

16) uncontrollable visual Vivid vision like everything looked like it was in 4k it was crazy


Yeah those are what I've experienced so far that I haven't seen anyone mention. Feeling alone in this

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I've had almost all of those symptoms, and still have most of them at over 3 years out. :\ It's part of the DP/DR.
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Same here. I’ve had all of them too. 30 months out and still here. I can’t wait for them to be gone.
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Have many of those symptoms and more. My vision and visual processing is really bad. Hard to watch TV, read or really anything
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