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Uh.. hi


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I'm joining because I want to talk to more people who hopefully know a bit about my experience. I was taking 3x0.5mg of Klonopin everyday for around six and a half years. I have currently been klonopin free since 12/15/21, though I am still on a couple of other non benzo psychiatric drugs, namely Bupropion and Viibryd.
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Hello TheBearFriend :hug: Welcome to benzobuddies


Congratulations on being benzo free, how are you feeling? did you taper.  Withdrawal can be awful, but it does get better with time.  Please feel free to ask questions and post to any of our dedicated threads. We have many supportive and kind members here who know what you are going through and will support you and give sound advice.


Are you familiar with the Ashton Manual. It is an excellent resource about these types of medication and their effect on the body. It provides withdrawal information and includes a list of common symptoms


Here are a couple useful links:


Professor Ashtons Manual

Post withdrawal recovery support.


You can post about your other medications on the Others Medications board.


Other Medications     


If you would be so kind as to add a signature (history of meds/doses etc) it will help members give you relevant advice.  Go to the top of the page and select PROFILE then choose forum profile then insert drug history into the text box and remember to click change profile


Welcome aboard.




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Hi BearFriend, good to have you here. Well done getting off the benzos. I am 2 months off also.  Are you still having withdrawal symptoms?


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