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10 WEEK UPDATE: Free from 23 yrs on Xanax - You're never too old to quit!


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Hey friends , I’ve posted an update at the bottom of this thread.


Hi Buddies.  Today is the first day in over 23 years that I am Xanax free!!  :laugh: I'm 70 years old and have a boatload of other health conditions.  If I can do this, trust me,  ANYONE can!.  It took me 30 months to taper.  I took two extended breaks but never up-dosed.    I did a simple dry cut method using a jewelry scale and razor blade.  Was it easy?  No, but it wasn't unbearable either.  Slow and steady wins the race.   


Some older folks wonder if it's even worth it and I say YES!! it is!  And so does Heather Ashton.  She said,


"Withdrawal in older people. Older people can withdraw from benzodiazepines as successfully as younger people, even if they have taken the drugs for years. A recent trial with an elderly population of 273 general practice patients on long-term (mean 15 years) benzodiazepines showed that voluntary dosage reduction and total withdrawal of benzodiazepines was accompanied by better sleep, improvement in psychological and physical health and fewer visits to doctors. These findings have been repeated in several other studies of elderly patients taking benzodiazepines long-term.


There are particularly compelling reasons why older people should withdraw from benzodiazepines since, as age advances, they become more prone to falls and fractures, confusion, memory loss and psychiatric problems (see Chapter 1).


Methods of benzodiazepine withdrawal in older people are similar to those recommended above for younger adults. A slow tapering regimen, in my experience, is easily tolerated, even by people in their 80s who have taken benzodiazepines for 20 or more years "  Chapter 2 - The Ashton Manual



God bless you all!

I'll update how I'm doing in a few weeks. 



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It’s been 10 weeks since I took my last Xanax and things just get better and better!


First thing I did so I wouldn’t be tempted, was to throw out 200 Xanax pills.


So far, I’ve survived some major anxiety producing trials since stopping. DH had a heart attack and I had a nasty case of oral shingles.  The shingles caused an all night episode of full blown panic attacks but I made through.


The first 6-8 weeks I had a lot of all-over muscle tension which I’d had for years.  I’m much more relaxed now.  I‘ve always been extremely jumpy but that’s gotten much better.  Also, I’ve always had pretty intense anxiety while driving due to PTSD from a serious car accident 50 years ago (broke my neck).  But I just returned from a road trip and my anxiety level was better than it has been in years. 


My cognitive function and memory have improved as well.


I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that long term use of benzos are dangerous and only perpetuate anxiety.  Plus, depending  on benzos long term  prevents us from learning how to deal with our feelings of anxiety the way normal people do. 


I’m learning how to better recognize both the emotional and physical sensations of anxiety and reign in on my irrational fears before they spin totally out of control.  And when they do spin out of control like it did with my shingles,  I’m learning to remind myself that it WILL pass without a dang pill.  And it did!


I’ve been so very grateful for this forum and all the encouragement I’ve received here! ❤️



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Gitfiddle, I am so impressed with your courage and strength.  Getting those benzos out of your possession is such a smart move.  You are doing an awesome job of managing your post-benzo life!! 
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