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need to know going to the doctor now please


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Hi, thi is mishi... I am leaving to the doctor, and i needed a reply please regarding my sticking it out a little longer on the K  at 1.375mg. would you be able to give me a schedule if I was taking less than 1.5 K.  I appreciate your help so much... Again I have the schedule for 1.5 for crossover to valium. Please let me know if the schedule could still be worked out under the 1.375mg  dose of K to crossover to valium in case I decided to hold the K a little longer  Hope not to bother you, I need to make the decision in 1 hr. from now.. Either way I have to do someting regarding the K it is to hard....


You have been here for me all along and I thank you again with all of my heart... Mishi


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