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Is this normally how symptoms present themselves?


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In my acute stage I'd have like 4-5 symptoms at the same time.

Now I seem to have sets of symptoms meaning one day would present with a set of symptoms and the next day would be a different set of symptoms.


Then outside of my acute phase I'd have a different set of symptoms Bi weekly to every three months where I'd have 4-5 symptoms at the same time, then Bi weekly or 3 months later a new set of would crop up and the old ones would go away.


Now however I seem to be dealing with 6 symptoms all the time. It's been 6 months with the head pressure, numbness and no a new one extremely like neurological weakness with some heaviness on my limbs and this falling sensation when I laydown. If symptoms get real bad ill seeing flashing lights and vertigo when my eyes are closed. So bad where I can't leave my bed. But I've had liver burning or feeling like my over was burning and aching for like 7 months now... Symptoms seem to be piling ontop of eachother for wayyyyy longer with almost no breaks in between them.


Is this typically how symptoms manifest? I'm currently at 137 in total in the span of just over a year.

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Hello Mustang, you and I have been traveling this road for quite some time now. I truly believe the longer one uses the longer it takes to heal. After using benzo Buddies Search engine countless times , I also believe klonopin or clonazepam is the worst for stoumach, pelvic, bladder,  abdominal issues.

Like GI Joe knowing is half the battle. And believe me it is been one hell of the battle.

At 30 months most of my mental issues have gone and a great deal of my physical problems if gone. In fact if the abdominal issues , pelvic issues would go away and the fatigue I would consider myself healed.

One thing I believe would help us all with the some of the 30s that are four five six years out, buddies that have healed would post.


Let's make a pact , that we , GG ,packy , fox , sleepyjo all of us will come back 2 yrs from now and share good newsnow or when we heal..


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