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Decades users unity in recovery

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Hi buddies, if you see my signature you'll realise that I'm 20 years actually in this story, since I was 16.

I know, sounds pretty sad but I'm trying living the best now and working on the forgiveness to the psychiatrist.

Whole my youth passed on drugs. I was on opiates also for 6/7 years everyday use, but the withdrawal of the opiates is "sweet water" in comparison with the one of the benzodiazepines.

In the withdrawal of the opiates I never loose my self.

It was hard, but in a much more shorter time and without the loosing completely your identity and entering in a really real heal.

Whole my addiction started from their majesty - benzodiazepines.

I apologise for my not that well english.

I'm 37 y now and I'm living in a magical island in Greece with my beloved husband who was one of the reasons to try to wake up from the decades dream of the drugs.

His father is psychiatrist. The psychiatrists are my destiny definitely ! 🤣😂

I'll be happy if we share our experiences and support us in the recovery with long marathon term of users.

I'm benzo and all medicines free since this November, after 20 years of drugs (full 11 years of every day use benzo Ativan), but with the previous years together could be 12/13 years on benzodiazepines.


I'm feeling pretty good the most of the time after the jumping and I want to give us support and believe that everything is possible if you believe it and want it.

Thank you. ❤️🙏





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It sounds like you might want to begin a Support Group? If so, you can do so on the this board.  There are already some long-timers threads on that board but none of them appear to be active at present.


Support Groups

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