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Okay, I noticed shortly after getting off the meds that I did not produce sweat (perspire for the dignified :-)  In fact, I don't think I was sweating as normally one would even when on the meds.  Long story short, after really getting serious about working out and trying to get myself back to normal, I noticed that it would take a little to get a sweat to break. I started working out intensely everyday for about 45min (did this for 5wks). After 1st wk I started to sweat more and each day that past, sweat came easier and increased--made me feel great!  And, I was actually feeling better during that time then I have in years! The only symptoms I had was an occasional frontal headache and some minor occasional light-headedness.


However, about 1 month ago, I stopped working out like that and noticed that I had a tremendous relapse in a lot of the symptoms from earlier months (lightheaded big time, dizzy, anxiety out the wahzoo and a few panic attacks, and those stupid flu-like symptoms). I started working out again about 1wk ago most every day (not as intense as before yet) and noticed that I can hardly get a sweat going.


It seems like when I sweat really good every day that it produces a much more normalcy feeling of the old me within a few days. I will be increasing that intensity and will be paying attention to my perspiration to see if there is indeed a connection. I believe it is.



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