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365 days, 1 years, 12 months [BROMAZEPAM / CLONAZEPAM / ALPRALOZAM]


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Yesterday I completed 1 whole year without taking benzodiazepines.

Today I slept 5:30 hours straight, without any interruption.

little by little I am taking up my life again, I am going out more often with friends, I go out to dinner, and I feel better than a year ago.

Currently my symptoms are:


mild diarrhea (1 or 2 a month, it is not a problem)

mild muscle spasms (last 2 seconds and rarely happen, not a problem)

acne blemishes (my theory is because I don't get enough sleep and that's why the blemishes are still there)


I'm riding my bike about 30 minutes after a long time and it really helps me a lot

but honestly I feel that very soon I will recover, I am better than a year ago.

they say that recovery happens after 12-18 months

I don't lose faith.

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5.5 hours of continuous sleep is fantastic.  I rarely get that these days and I'll be off 6 years in August.  Not complaining as my sleep has more or less been normal the past 3 years...I wake up more to use the bathroom at night so usually my continuous blocks of sleep are 3-4 hours! LOL


Your other symptoms will continue to fade too...you are doing GREAT!


Keep on living life to the fullest... :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much!!

I took 3 different benzodiazepines.

The first, because I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, they prescribed me a medicine that had BROMAZEPAM, I took it for 3 months in a row, every day, the dose indicated by the doctor and I stopped it suddenly.

Then I felt very bad and started to have diarrhea and they prescribed me again my medicine with BROMAZEPAM. And so for several months, some weeks I didn't take it, others yes, and well, until one day I said enough and quit.

Then I took clonazepam because insomnia bothered me a lot, it was a small treatment, it lasted 4 weeks with an initial dose and I lowered it. 2 weeks passed and back, I took it again with clonazepam, but the treatment only lasted 2 weeks and with the initial dose and I decreased.

Nothing ever helped my insomnia, I never imagined that I had withdrawal from BROMAZEPAM, and I put more shit in my body.

Then I spent 3 months and took 5 Xanax pills, 0.5mg and said Enough and quit. Now I am 1 year without anything.


I think the reason why I'm doing quite well is because of my age, I'm 21 years old now and I'm a man, I never had psychological or economic problems or anything. And never take very high doses and neither prolonged. The longest was the first treatment for my intestine with BROMAZEPAM that lasted 3 months and that's where the nightmare began. The rest was 4 weeks, or 7 weeks, some 2 weeks. All that is BROMAZEPAM was cold turkey why I had no idea lol. And the xanax lasted 5 days, very little. And all treatments were daily.


Currently I had several diarrhea, I think 3 or 4. But don't worry, I'm doing well, 0 worries :thumbsup:8)

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