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Stomach problems, the only thing holding me back


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Hi BB's. I'll be 4 years free come June and I'm doing pretty well considering how bad I was. I've even thought about writing a part 1 success story because I've reached a tolorable base line and haven't had any viscous waves in close to a year. Anyways, why I'm posting:


The only severe symptom I still have is stomach problems. Everything imaginable seems to be going on with my stomach. Bloating, food sensitivity, severe constipation, cramps, gas... you name it, but the absolute worst part is I can feel the anxiety coming from my stomach. Idk if that makes any sense, but all the anxiety that I'm dealing with correlates to my stomach. Sometimes it puts me on the verge of a panic attack, but most often it's just a base line of anxiety.



Does anyone have a solution that's worked for them? I feel like I've tried everything. I've tried eating clean for months of end with different diet variations. I will say, some do help, but not nearly enough. I've tried Probiotic supplements and Probiotic teas. I've tried Fiber supplements. I exercise everyday, and eat fairly well. If I could figure out a remedy for my stomach, I really think I'd be healed. All my other symptoms are just annoying at this point. When my stomach isn't acting up, that's when I feel my best!


Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Stay strong BB's




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