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Feeling like on PMS

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Today I woke up with crying.

After two hours drinking coffees and 10 cigarettes I started to feel euphoric and I was dancing on Madonna like crazy.

Around evening I was crying again on some sad story on the news about the war in Ukraine.

After I laughed like crazy on the phone with my parents, and now before the sleeping I'm feeling perfectly normal and like 100% healed.

I'm just afraid what I'll feel tomorrow.

I hope I'll not go out on heels and skirt.😂


I can't believe how intense everything I can feel it, and just before 5 months for 4 months I couldn't feel anything.

I couldn't cry at all in my worst acute cruises.


Buddies belive it or not we all heal slowly slowly..


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Yup been there..rapid cycling of even all the emotions. I can specifically remember the first time this happened because I had like 2 hrs of this intense SI..then felt catatonic for hrs, then sobbing, then euphoria, then laughing so hard I was crying and then catatonic again.

That was somewhere in my first year off the meds - so weird.


My emotions have balance thank goodness!

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