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Seeking MD in So Calif Area To Help With Titration/Thyroid/Adrenal Mess

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Does anyone know a good doc in the Los Angeles / Orange County areas of California?  I just don't know where to start with my complicated mix of benzo, thyroid, adrenal, perimenopause, and vestibular problems.  I don't want to do the wrong thing and pull the rug completely out from under everything.  I'm barely hanging on as it is.  It's bad.  I'm very dizzy, off balance, vertigo, can't go outside or into stores as it's overwhelming, exhausted beyond exhausted, foggy thinking, depression, anxiety, panic, etc etc.  I can't work / have no money coming in, no more savings/assets, no family, I'm single.  I feel lost at sea, clinging to a flotsam....desperately need a good doc to guide me at this point.  Please see my other posts for more info if needed.  I've been trying to figure all this out, and the best place to start.....  :sick:


thank you kindly,



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