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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, my libido is buried!

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Hi buddies...

How are you?

After 8 months together with the acute, my crazy libido finally gave hands.

I was suffering from crazy libido rushes in the tapering and after the jumping for 3 months I had scary high libido, but one month now I realise that I have genital on me only when I'm peeing.

Completely dead.

Even if I get some thought to try to masturbate or to make love with my husband I get fight or flight feeling and tachycardia from some irrational fear.

These changes goes to extremes!

I'm afraid and even feel disgust of my own nudity, body, sexuality..

Very strange symptom that I experience for a first time in my life.

Someone of you experience something similar?

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Libido will swing back and forth for awhile, but eventually it balances like everything else.

Our perceptions of ourselves can be off too for a bit. Our bodies can change a lot in this recovery..weight gain and loss, muscle loss, skin and hair changes. I can literally see how this has changed me physically. Be kind to yourself.


Being intimate with your spouse - the anxiety will go too. There were times early on where I felt tense getting started but relaxed as our time together progressed. I made an intentional choice to be available to my husband bc i wanted there to be a marriage in tact when this recovery was over.  I loved him and didn't want him to feel neglected. Because we all know sex is not just libido but part of a meaningful relationship.

Now that part of our relationship is "normal" again.


I know this is a hard topic, but I'm choosing to be honest sharing my experience in hopes it will help you and others. This recovery can steal so much from us - so if we can learn from each other it helps even in the very personal topics.:)

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Trina 75, my dear THANK YOU SOO MUCH for your great advices and sharing your experiences with me.

Of course that we could be just stronger with ourselves and more deep in the relation with our partners if we choose to not frustrate ourself, no matter how is hard..


Thank you and big hugs I'm sending you from Greece💞 🤗

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Yes, thank you Trina for sharing candidly about your experience.  I'm sure you've given some members here hope about this aspect of recovery.  :thumbsup:
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