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Hi , I manhem , a clonazepam user for last 20 years


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Hi I am menhem ,

I joined benzobuddies as I am also facing issues withdrawing from 20 year use of clonazepam . Currently I am 3 month fee from bento but facing anxiety & depression .

I want some guidance

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Hello Menhem77,


Welcome to BenzoBuddies, we are glad you are here!  Congratulations to you for letting clonazepam go.  I was also a long-time user and I know firsthand how difficult it is to accomplish this!  That said, the job after getting off benzos becomes learning how to live life without them or at least that was my experience.


I've put some links below that should be helpful to you.  We have lots of content here regarding benzo withdrawl so roam around and see what is available.  You can begin posting when ready.  Please ask questions and let us know when you need help.


Again, welcome,





Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


Four Phases of Withdrawal-Where Are You?





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Hi Menhem, good to have you here. Congratulations on being benzo free. After all those years, it’s a fantastic achievement. I’m sure that as your body and brain recover, the depression and anxiety will lift. It makes scientific sense that they will. I took Lorazepam for 40 years. I have quit now and I’m feeling a bit better but not healed quite yet.


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