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Liquid Suspension from pharmacy advice?


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I think i've concluded the water titration isn't as stable as I'd like it to be, and I would like to try a liquid suspension, but I'm super overwhelmed and need help.


1.) I am tossing 75mL from 250mL, after mixing .5mg in K. Which is about .33mg. How in the world do I switch to liquid suspension? Do they give you mL, do you toss anything? What reductions should I make? How often do you need a script?


2.) I really don't want to switch brands. I take TEVA. Ive tried switching before and it really messed me up.


I really need some help! Thanks.

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Check your personal message inbox -- I wrote you a message (not on this subject, sorry.)


I'm sorry that you have not gotten any replies to this post.  I have had similar questions.


I did have one person tell me that they thought a professionally mixed compound solution would be more accurate than anything we can do ourselves.


If I find out anything more about supension liquids (either compounded by pharmacy or do-it-yourself solutions, I will post it here for you.) 


In the meantime, if you have time to respond to your PM today that would be great.




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