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Over sensitive nerves? Please for some hope that will pass.

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Hi buddies.

After amazing 3 months after the jumping, I experience setback in the 5th month from nowhere.

My main and only problem in whole acute was the intrusive thoughts and after OCD with compulsions, checking, rumination, praying.


I have OCD from 12 age and I know that I'll always have it, but till the withdrawal was manageable and I didn't have sensations. Now every thought my body feels.

If I imagine pain or touch immediately I feel sensation on that area.

In the past I was feeling just the sensations that I wanted, now I'm feeling everything and it's real torture.

Can somebody tell me if this is a good sign of heeling?

I also can very easily cry and I'm crying every day.

It's like that I'm for a first time alive but my brain is in haos and it imitate every thought in sensation.

Over sensitive on touch also.

Fear of making love with my husband because of the intrusive thoughts.

I just can't distract my self like in the past and to be focus on one thing.

Over exited for everything. Every banal and non ny nature thought looks real.. Constant rumination and fear that I'm different damaged person now and I will never back to myself.

Memories from my past especially childhood that I was completely forgotten them, now they torture me every morning after waking up. False memories also.

In the 5th month everything looks so messy.

I'm asking myself that maybe the Spring also influence me very bad, cause in the Autumn when I jumped I was perfect feeling like healed, now again like in the acute.


Any good experience of you can help me.

I just want to feel again my identity.

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I am so sorry you are having some lows.  You may be experiencing some of what happened to me - I felt so overjoyed at being off benzos and that I had accomplished this feat of getting off them that the exuberance carried me for a while.  But ultimatly this blissful feeling wore off and I was left with learning to deal with 'life'  - and now without benzos!  All those feelings that I medicated felt bare and raw and overwhelming but my job became to learn new ways of living and coping without benzos.  And that, it turns out, is a lifelong process.
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Hi Kate, Thanks for your answer and advice!

Yes, exactly I was perfect the first 3 months and then again I was great for two weeks beginning of 5th month, even I shared my happiness here and the same night I felt nearly like in acute.

I live in Crete Greece, and that night we had a lot saharan dust and it affected me very bad, I'm thinking that that's was the reason. And it turned me back whole symptoms.

I'm afraid of my own nudity, making love I have the feeling that whole world is watching me.

Full of intrusive thoughts that convince me that I enjoy in them cause because of the fear and disgust that I have them my genitals start to feels more sensations like tingling, pulsing, vibrations (not real arausal) and the fuc

*king ocd voice teels me, but you see that you enjoy and it started to laugh with me. I know that is OCD and that I'm that thought but I just can't be calm.

I have non stop need of rumination and seeking for irrational proofs.

I'm very scared because in the past my nerves weren't that fragile like now.

If I didn't have this problem I could be much calmer in the recovery.

I'm obsessed with the genitals and why they are so fragile now.

I know it needs time the nerves to become calmer..

I wish you all the best and to win this battle soon.



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