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Short term user 16 month update


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Hello all,


I actually made a list the other day of all the symptoms I experienced during withdrawal so far:


I might be forgetting a couple, but this is at least 90% of them…


Withdrawal symptoms list:


1. Full night insomnia (rare), broken sleep (often)

2. Inner agitation/jitters/vibrations (often)

3. Extreme Tinnitus (often)

4. Strong Nausea (rare), Moderate Nausea (often)

5. Dizzy/lightheaded/boatiness (often)

6. Chest tightness (often)

7. Tight throat (often)

8. Shortness of breath (often)

9. Feeling faint (often)

10. Clogged ears, pressure (often)

11. Chemical imbalance brain (often)

12. Palpitations, fast heart rate (often)

13. Increase in blood pressure (often)

14. Tremors in head, chest, abdomen (often)

15. Extreme Anxiety Attacks (often)

16. Chemical terror (often)

17. Extreme Stomach bloating (often)

18. Ears hissing/swishing (often)

19. Slight electric feeling coursing through body (often)

20. Strong Head pressure (often)

21. Heat radiating to feet (often)

22. Body in crisis, feeling the need to stand/walk/escape my tortured body (often)

23. Burning chest (rare)

24. Flushed hot face (rare)

25. PVCs (only lasted 1 week, then gone)

26. Strong Electricity from chest to hands (rare)

27. Toxic breathing or hot air (rare)

28. Stomach spasms/flutters (rare)

29. Chest/abdominal muscle tightness (rare)

30. Headaches (rare)

31. Cortisol surges in abdomen/buttocks (rare)

32. Tingling feet/hands/face (rare)

33. Night sweats (rare)

34. Feeling of blood coursing through chest (rare)

35. Brain zap to heart, causing instant increase in pulse (the most weird, very rare)


Month 16: what is still occurring intermittently:


Chest pressure (elephant on my chest)

Head pressure/chemical brain

Tight throat

Mild Anxiety Attacks


Slight Nausea

Inner chest tremors/vibrations

Feeling my blood coursing through body

Getting easily jittery in a heated conversation


Hope this helps those wondering about their symptoms…


Most days I feel 90% well… still waiting to feel 100%.





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