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28 month off today


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It’s been a long time since I was here as I don’t want to bring others down when so far off and not recovered

However today I would love a little support and encouragement if possible

I am 28 months off  taking 2-3 mgs Diaz for 3 months then tapering from 4 mgs Diaz for 3 months before a 3 day stay in hospital

I had reached 2.5 mgs Diaz at that point but was back to 4 mgs Diaz when I came out

Tapered again for 14 months to zero, finishing on 14th December 2019

I never thoughtI would still be suffering with intense symptoms

Maybe because I am old

I will be 77 in less than 2 months

I am not on any other drugs

I did try Mirtazapine  in May and September 2019 for a week each time and had 1 Citalopram in September 2019 in hospital

I wish I had answers why I am stuck with severe symptoms still

Namely extreme tinnitus

Numbness in my hands . Other areas it comes and goes

Poor broken sleep



None functional


And more

I am not sure why

I asked my Doctor and they say it’s FND

(Functional neurological disorder)

I worry I caught Lyme but two negative tests say no

At a loss what to think and fear that so far off and like this still I may not recover

Are there any who struggled for a long time but did get better

Just a little hope please if possible.

Thank you for taking time to read this

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Oh dear Chinchuck..Been thinking about you...

Damn these drugs...Been also down with an infection.. Don't know which one it is?

It just takes longer to recover..I hope you feel better soon..

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Thank you so much for caring

I do wish this would mend for us

I can’t understand why I am this way

I was picking up until last June when I had some bites that looked like tick bites

I had two Lyme tests weeks apart but told they are not that reliable so have no idea

I keep hoping for a recovery but it’s seems to evade me


How are you these days? 

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Been doing great then my immune system got wired again from an infection....

The only symptoms that keep hanging around are anxiety and Gastritis....

Whenever I am in a wave they get amplified.

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I had hoped you had recovered Jen, sorry you aren’t recovered yet. I’m about 10 months ahead of you, first year wasn’t too bad, but last couple years been awful, no windows, or improvement. Now just had Covid as well, really adds to the depression and anxiety. Am wondering if will recover. Nice to hear from you, but sorry you are still here, if you get my meaning🙂
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Hi Leann

I am so sorry you are struggling too

I have really gone downhill since 18 months and even then I wasn’t good

I  worry it’s not the drug at this late stage but Lyme as I had bites and they looked suspicious

I can’t go any further with it though as the NHS did two tests

It all seems to be too extreme for what I took

I feel so broken

Were you very bad with COVID ,?

I don’t think I could take more wrong than how I am today

But maybe it will mend

Everything is so extreme no matter how I try

Let’s hope something fixes for us soon as I too get no windows.



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Hi Jen, think any sort infection/ stress can put you back. Sure it is still withdrawal with you. Had lot family stress year ago, Mother died secretly cut me out will left everything to sister been downhill since. I don’t know much about Lyme disease, think NHS pretty useless at moment.

Wasn’t too bad first week with Covid, 2 nd week felt really tired, hacking cough, but really ramped up anxiety and depression. Did read 20% of people have mental health issues after getting it. Only had it couple weeks so early days, but we weren’t seriously  ill. With no masks or restrictions everyone here has it.

There do seem lot people take 3/4 years to recover from benzos so don’t worry it’s not still withdrawal with you x

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Translator 200


Thank you for you kind message

I hope you are doing better and making progress

I feel so disheartened

It’s unbelievable that I can be so severe after 28 months

from just 4 mgs of Diazepam for three months then a long taper to zero but here I am

I feel at the bottom and without hope

Tried my very best to get it right but it’s made no difference

Pleas let be that even older people heal

I miss live so much


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Hey Chinchuck! Hope all is well, I just got on benzo buddies for the first time in several months a few weeks ago. I just passed my 3-year mark.
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