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Help Sleeping More Suggestions Please


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So currently I am taking quite a bit for sleep at night and I know some of these things can ramp up symptoms in certain people. This combo besides a couple pieces I have been taken for over a year and most recommended by my doctor with myself adding a few tweaks here and there. I still find I have been getting 3-4 hours of poor sleep a night on this combo. Let me know what suggestions I might be able to add or any suggestions you have please.


500mg Gaba

5mg melatonin(sometimes up to 10)

Magnesium l theonate

400 mg ltheanine

60mg of multispectrum cbd,cbg,cbn, and cbc

Occasionally add a little kava to this mix as well.


I am still completely off benzos and do drink a little alcohol as well most nights for background info.


Any suggestions are appreciated. The biggest problem is my mind shuts off for a few hours then it’s back aggressively by 1-4am at best.


Thank you!

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A CBD and THC combo edible.


just fyi melatonin is recommended in doses no greater than 1 or 2 mgs. It's a hormone naturally produced by our bodies, not a sleeping pill. Its purpose is to "prepare" us for sleep. Darkness triggers the body to make melatonin. Taking 5 or 10 mgs of melatonin is not helpful. If you think your body is deficient in melatonin, 1 or 2 mgs is enough.


Camomille tea worked for me also when I was tapering.


No phones or tablets (i.e. no "blue light") for an hour before bedtime.


Soothing music -- YouTube has tons of it.


Hope this helps,





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Congratulations for making it off lorazepam!

I sometimes take tart cherry juice.  It's loaded with natural melatonin, and worked the best for me out of all the things I tried.

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Thank you for all the recommendations. I used to take sleep time tea several years ago but stopped for some reason. In need to give it another go. For the melatonin I only have 5mg pills but could try taking half. I also had never heard of cherries being high in melatonin which is interesting. I will give it a go and see how it works. Thank y’all for the suggestions.
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