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worst day i have had on weening

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i am down to 12.5 milligram and yesterday i felt allright so last night i went to one of my support groups and i had two cups of coffee..... today i am shaking, anxiety like there is no tomorrow hot flushes tight chest and really feel nauseous and don't feel hungry.... two questions  first is when you take you medication to ween of this do you have to take it exactly at a certain time as i take it at differant times never a set schedule and is coffee a no no.... i am bed bound and really feeling like going to hospital just to have them telling me i am having a panic attack or anxiety



Other thing i wanted to ask is with with drawl, if you actually have been diagnosed with something, as in illness and had a few things  have happened to me where i lost my job and had a car accident  does this all add to recovery..... The other thing i worry about people switch over to Valium as it must not be as strong as others, so why do i feel this horrible way that i do....

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