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It's been a year


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It has been a year since I have been tapering benzos, I am feeling so horrible..

In BB all say that most heal in 18-24 months of timeline, but I want to see some proof of this. I am worn out in this journey, it may seem that 1 year of suffering is nothing, but it's not 1 year,  I have been like this since 5 years as the hell started since I started benzos for the 1St time 5 years ago.

I can't take more of this without seeing a concrete evidence where 24 months is considered an important milestone.


I am unable to cry and this hot summer weather is making me furious when I am unable to express my emotions, idk why I can't cry anymore.

Btw my cross-over to Valium went well and taper is relatively light years easier after that, thanks to Pamster and SlownSteady (otjers too I don't remember the names) for encouraging me to do it.

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I'm sorry, and I understand your suffering.  I can't cry or feel love, emotions at all.  I feel like a zombie inside.

Unfortunately , the cruelty of these drugs affects everybody differently post-jump, as well as during.


I have no answers for you, and I hate that I can't help comfort your suffering somehow. 

Sending you  good thoughts of hope and healing.

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