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Anything that can help with mental fatigue/sensory overload?


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Burning brain/sensory overload is so debilitating. I am between stop working or updosing V.


Is there anything I can do to overcome this symptom? Few hours on the screen and doing rational work feels like too much.


This started when I finished my cross taper from Xanax to Valium. Horrible.


I needed to updose a few times to gain some stamina for some months and keep my job. Now I am considering updosing to endure one or two years, time enough to settle myself financially and start to taper with no obligations and minimizing stress.


I am at 6.25mg of V, but I am almost updosing to 7.5 or even 10mg if necessary to be able to keep my job and then let my future self deal with the taper once have some emergency funds to dedicate to the period of my detox.

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