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Post acute withdrawal


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Hi Benzo Buddies,


I am in post acute withdrawal, and would love to be able to access information on alternative therapies.


I have been really struggling, and would love to understand what has been helping others.




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Hello WeAreTheNorth,


Welcome to BenzoBuddies, we are glad you are here!  I'm so sorry you are struggling.  What sort of symptoms are you having?  Did you taper off or quit cold turkey?  If you let us know a bit more of your story, we will be better able to help you.


I've put some links below that I think will be helpful to you.  Taking advantage of a benzo support community was so important for my healing and I hope it will be for you as well.


You can post when you are ready.  Please ask questions and let us know when you need help.


Again, welcome,




Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


Alternative Therapies & Supplements


Four Phases of Withdrawal-Where Are You?

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