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new to benzo withdrawal


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Hello. It is hard to type this tonight. I was prescribed benzoes dec 2002 after a severe tragedy in my life.


I came off a final dose in january 2011. two .5 mgs of clonazepam daily. I knew nothing about benzo withdrawal, had been on them for 9 years.


I had attempted to come off several times but found the first few days of symptoms of muscle tics and panick and jolts too difficult.


january of this year I began to think they somehow they were adding to disturbing ahdd like symptoms I had been having for a number of years and went cold turkey.


The past 4 months have been horrific. I lost ten pounds, became completely housebound, and barely floated thru the days and plethora of physical symptoms.


I lived alone, still do, with no social supports.


I was unemployed when I quit.


Now beginning month five , my most intense symptom, of which I have many is cognitive and memory.


I did not cook for months, it was too dangerous, and my house became insanely disheveled.


I am a shadow of myself.


I began to do research and understand what is happening.


That this is unlike other drugs and is essentally brain injury and repair.


I am trying to move through this.


I wish to join to educate myself and for support.


Thank you



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Hi littlewing7:


Welcome to Benzo Buddies!  Congrats on your success in becoming benzo free.  Your withdrawal symptoms sound pretty intense.  Unfortunately, this can be the case for a good while until things start to tone down.  You will find lots of information and support here.  How quickly did you taper off your Klonopin?



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Hello Draftsman, i did not realize I had to taper. I came off cold turkey from 2 mg a day the end of januarry. It has been a terrifying few months.



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Hi littlewing7 and welcome :)


You seem to be hanging in there pretty good for going cold turkey, that's a really rough road, I stopped cold turkey too. It takes a little time but it will all pass, hang on.



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Welcome to BB littlewing7.


As you no doubt discovered, cold turkey from a benzo can be debilitating.  The good news is that you are almost 5 months off, so that's 5 months that your brain and body have been healing and getting accustomed to functioning without benzos. :yippee:


One of our administrators, Pamster, did a cold turkey from clonazepam and has healed and is doing quite well!


I'm sure she'll be by to offer support and encouragement for you.


We're glad you found us, and please ask any questions you may have.

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Welcome littlewing7,


I was taking the benzo equivalent to double of what you are taking and stopped mine over a 3 day period at a detox facility.  I was on benzos for 20 years prior to that.


The same disabling symptoms happened to me.  Can you cook/clean now?  Do you have anyone who can help you out?  One of many things I learned is how to ask for help.  This was difficult after being so independent.  I hope you have someone who can help you.


I have received amazing support here on this website and learned so much!  Terrible how we have to learn about what the heck happened to us on our own, isn't it?


No one knows what you are going through better than fellow benzo victims.  I think you will find a lot of comfort here as I did.

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