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Need some help with head pressure


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Tonight things have really gotten to me, so many symptoms all at once has me terrified.


Starts with head pressure, top of the head feels squeezing. Sometimes I get this stroke sensation where my face feels bloated, eye gets bad, my left arm feels numb and weak and my left leg feels like it's going to give out.


This typically happens after eating or when laying down.


I've been tested already for stroke and brain tumor


Now I thought that was bad enough until tonight.

I was trying to sleep and that head pressure came back, I started feeling sick. I thought I could escape this Rotten feeling by going to sleep but then old symptoms I haven't experienced since acute came back and hit me harder then ever.


Old symptoms:

I kept seeing violate flashes of patterns and light whenever I close my eyes.


With that always comes this feeling like I have vertigo, my body feels like it's violately spinning around


I then got these strange sensations like I'm falling in my own mind mixed with these sensation like my body is giving out a d I'm sinking in my own bed.


All this is just too much, I can't deal with all these head symptoms at the same time. I'm having these horrific thoughts like what happens if I get these light shows go on long enough when my eyes are closed? Will I cause blindness? Is this pressure something worse? Maybe actual brain damage, a. Tumor or stroke which that was missed somehow? Like why is this wave so long, exhausting and progressing? I'm 13 months Of Ativan.. I've heard of symptoms coming back sure but with a kill order on me this time? That keeps progressing it seems

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Sounds like withdrawal to me…


I am 16 months post Ativan jump and still experience mild flashing lights when trying to sleep… don’t think it’s a tumor… the brain is still healing from the benzo damage…the intense fear from the multiple symptoms makes us think there is something else going on with our bodies, but benzo brain is exactly this: all those symptoms at once, coming and going as they please…


Did u ever feel like this before the benzos? If no, then u have your answer 🙂


Hope this helps.



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Hi, I have alot of those symptoms too. After I jumped I got the head pain and the legs giving giving out. My legs have gotten better.  Hard time with foods too. Im sorry you feel so bad, I understand,  it's been awful. If tou can find ways to get the anxiety down and self talk your way trough it. You going to be ok. It will ease up.
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