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HELP!!! Stuck and needing advice re my next stage of Zopiclone taper


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Hi all,


I really need some advice.


I started tapering Zopiclone in July 2021. I've made it down from 7.5mg to 2.8mg where I'm currently holding and have been for the last 4 months to try and level out because the withdrawals were so bad.


Unfortunately I haven't leveled out and need to keep going with my taper. I have a few options and I'm not sure which way to go.


My options are:


1. Switch over to Valium to complete my taper (2.8mg of Zopiclone is the equivalent of 1.8mg of Valium). Benefits are that I would avoid interdose withdrawals (which are brutal). Down side is that I was prescribed Zopiclone for sleep and I'm not sure if Valium would work for me for sleep or not. I'm also not sure how my body would cope with Valium.


2. Microdose Zopiclone (my body just can't handle the bigger cuts), either dry cutting or filing (although I can't seem to find a scale that can weigh such small amounts). Upside - better the devil you know - I know how my body handles this drug and it still works for sleep - even at 2.8mg dose. Downside - the interdose withdrawals are AWFUL!


3. Microdose Zopiclone using water tapering. At this point this seems to be most feasible, although I'm not sure if I'm meant to start from my current dose or from my original dose. And I don't mean updosing to my original dose - what I mean is - if I do a 300ml (so 300 day) taper - am I starting with 300mls of water and my 2.8mg of tablet (which will take me 10 months to get off - FAR OUT!), or do I start with 300mls of water, 7.5mg tablet and TAKE OUT 188mls (because I've already tapered down that far), leaving 112mls (which is 4 months)?


I'm a little confused by all of this and could REALLY use any and all advice.



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Hi again pugtragic I think a few of us have already made some suggestions on your previous posts, have you tried any? If you go on valium it will take a long time to taper off as it has a long half life, then you will have to go through withdrawal. As Ive said before, 2.8mg probably isnt doing anything anyway and youve been on it so long that you are probably tolerant. Surely you can try one night without and see how you go. There is no magic bullet Im afraid
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Of your three options, I think you are leading toward #3 and I agree, IMHO, it is the safest.  I find if I can get enough sleep, I could deal with daytime symptoms until the taper was done.


I assume you are talking about this video: 


You should start with your current taper about 2.8mg. 

Then pick how many days you want to finish your taper.

For example, to be done in 300 days, put 2.8 mg into 300 mL of water.

Another example, to be done in 200 days, put 2.8 mg into 200 mL of water.


If you want a simpler option, then tell me the size of your whole pill (in mg) and how many days you wish to taper, and I can compute the math so each day you can start with the whole pill.



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