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What does D/R feel like?


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I've had D/P before, that wasn't fun but manageable... I haven't had D/R before, I think last night I had it. I put my bed on the floor because my dog is injured and I don't want her injuring her self by jumping on the bed. She typically feels better laying with me. But I put the bed on the floor for easier access with her. What I experienced was so scary, my vison became hyper focused... Like if you stair at something for too long and hard you enter this hyper focus state. I felt myself like, hovering ontop of myself (I know how this sounds), and my environment became almost dream like, like there was a filter which swollowed my environment that made it look not real or less real then it normally issue. I had visual issues as my symptoms typically come in pairs together along with head pressure which I've been having a while. Anyways does this sound like D/R... Maybe D/P and D/R together maybe?


I'm 13 months out, I had to cold turkey Ativan 2mg because I kept having paradoxical effects after taking a dose.

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