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Been Taking Clonazepam for over 20 years And Have Had Enough!


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I have been taking Clonazepam for over 20 years and am tired being a "slave" to it.  I went on it initially due to great anxiety and knew NOTHING of the drug.  This went on for years.  The drug DID help my anxiety, however doses were increased as I developed a tolerance for it.  Now I am up to 6mg a day and hardly feel a thing, and the doctor refuses to go any higher.  So I now take 6mg a day and STILL feel anxious much of the time!  I want off of it!  I have learned a lot about it recently.  Since I have been on it so long a long detox will probably be necessary to get completely off of it.  I came here for support and to see how others have dealt with this drug and similar.  I hope the forum assists me as I embark soon on a detox and I can live life free of the drug and cope with daily stress and anxiety naturally.
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Hi John1862!


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I’m so glad to hear you’ve decided to rid yourself of this drug. It’s really devastating when we realize these meds that are prescribed to help us are actually causing the problems they are supposed to treat. I assume when you talk about a long detox, you mean a long tapering process? We will gladly help you to taper safely of Clonazepam.


Generally we recommend a reduction of 5-10% of your current dose over a two week period. Often members go slower depending on their symptoms. It’s important to allow your symptoms to guide your taper as this will allow you to maintain functionality. You can also have a look at The Ashton Manual, an authoritative source on benzo withdrawal.


For help with tapering you can ask here: Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


For support on withdrawal symptoms you can post here: Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


Please look around, make yourself at home and let us know how we can help you! 


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Hi John, good to have you here. I was a slave on and off for 40 years and have quit! It took me about a year to reduce from 4mg Lorazepam.

When you say detox, do you mean going into a detox centre?

In my opinion, they taper you off far too quickly and then send you home to suffer. My sons desperately wanted me to go but I refused and I’m glad I did.

I went to live with my sister who gave me great support but it took longer than I thought.

Hope you find a way forward that helps you live your best life without benzos.


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