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Flying w/ dry taper capsules


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Hello all! I am doing a dry taper and crush my pill into powder since it’s such a small amount-adding the powder into clear capsules. I am flying soon (domestic) and wondering if TSA is going to potentially be alerted by an altered/powdered form of my med. I would hate for them to confiscate them. I would be screwed. Has anyone dealt with this? Am I overthinking it? I’m sure it’s most likely they won’t look twice but you never know. I guess I could shave down to a very small chip if that would be less suspicious looking. I am planning to being whole pills and a my scale in my luggage for international travel later this year but that’s such a pain for just a few days. Thanks for your thoughts!
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Hi LaATL3344!


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


It sounds like you’re quite familiar with the tapering process if you’re making your own capsules. I’m not sure about TSA regulations and flying with your own pills. I think it would be best to start a new thread in Withdrawal Support (during your taper), and ask your question there.


For all newcomers, we provide the following information: we recommend a taper of 5-10% of your current dose over a two week period, but it’s best to allow your symptoms to dictate your taper rate.


Here are a few links to get you started:


The Ashton Manual


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


Welcome again, and as I mentioned, please start a new thread as most members don’t frequent this board where your account gets approved.


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