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Has anyone else seen the movie, "This Must Be the Place"?


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OMG-I don't know what to think.  Two respectable actors, Sean Penn and Frances McDormand (she has a pretty small role), star in this art film. I''m not even going to elaborate on what I thought, because I'm still processing.

Indie Art films can be so way out there, but I also love some of them. Anyone see it? So many odd characters plus the film seemed so random and out of sorts, but maybe that was the "continuity" of it.  Maybe they were all on psychedelics when it was written.


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Sean Penn is a overpaid no talent idiot . Why would anyone watch anything that POS was in . :sad:

Bob, it would be better to pour a glass of fine Whiskey and watch the test pattern on the TV set than that loser .


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