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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)


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  • Hello.  I've had ME/CFS for decades, predating my xanax use.    Some people with benzo damage have been misdiagnosed with ME/CFS because the two share some of the same symptoms.  It’s unfortunate because they end up thinking they may never recover.  But that's usually not the case, as so many here at BB have attested.  People usually do heal eventually from benzo damage, even if it takes longer than we had hoped. For accurate information about ME/CFS:
Solve ME Initiative: Do I have ME/CFS? Quiz  https://solvecfs.org/me-cfs-long-covid/do-i-have-mecfs-quiz/
Phoenix Rising ME/CFS Community https://phoenixrising.me/
How Benzodiazepines Mimic Chronic Illnesses and What to do About It


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