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Could I get some jumping advice please? / My story :)


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Hiya Buddies


First time poster here


Quick brief of my story, I started to get panic attacks and anxiety in 2019


I was prescribed citalopram which messed up my nervous system and caused a crazy amount of symptoms and to tackle this I was put on Lorazopam 1mg In april 2019.

All seemed to be well for a while but I began finding I needed more than the 1mg on some days as I was experiencing tolerance real quick, This caused a mad amount of symptoms for me had so many ambulances out, through my heart out of wack and caused some really stressful symptoms as alot of you on here know about. Tremors, Zaps etc.etc.


I took it on myself to do my research as my GP's insisted it was just anxiety and didn't know how to help at all. So I decided to go and see a private doctor and printed off notes about benzo withdrawal and the ashton manual explaining that I needed to be put onto diazepam to help level me out and to get me off. The internet has been so much more help than my actual NHS GP (that I had at the time). Anyway he agreed with me and I took my prescription back to my gp and was put on a 10mg daily dose of diazepam THIS WAS A GOD SEND! It didn't take too long for my horrific loraz symptons to level out and I got to live my life again.....


Anyway I knew I couldn't stay on this for too long or the tolerance thing would happen again and I'd be back to square 1. So I began to taper from around December 2019 VERY SLOWLY until around May 2021 where I got to around 3mg ish maybe lower my memory isn't the greatest. Then my gp changed his tune and actually did his research on coming off benzos and prescribed me a liquid oral version of diazepam 5ml = 2mg. As he said it will help make it easier to cut being able to measure it with a syringe.


Anyway I started to crack on tapering slowly and being able to measure more accurately and got down to about 3.7ml which is just over 1.5mg of Diazepam. My father died in october 2021 so I ended up going back to 5ml (2mg) until the end of jan 2022. This is where I had a call from pharmasist advisor saying you have made no progress and I explained why I'd gone up etc.... anyway they wasn't happy with me at all so at the start of February I though ok now is the time to get tapering again. Fast forward to now the end of March and I'm back down to 3.25ml which is 1.65mg of diaz and I absolutely fine.


I have no withdrawal or tolerance symptoms touch wood, the only thing I've experience with my last few cuts is slight anxiety before bed and finding it hard to sleep for 2-3 days after a cut. Then I normally level out.....


Right if you read my story I appreciate it... Now for the question title of the video


When do I jump? Do i go right to zero? or do I go to 1mg?


I want to put this all behind me but I don't want to get cocky and jump to soon but I don't want to drag it out if it's not needed


Any comments are appreciated :)


Kind regards




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Lol I said first time post.... Then checked my profile to realise I had been posting in 2019


See the memory issue is a thing


That's made me laugh lol  ;D

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Jumping is an individual thing, some members on Valium will jump at 1 mg, others will go all the way to 0.  Its about confidence too, if your last few reductions have been fairly uneventful, you may experience the same thing when you jump.  If you have the time, meaning the pharmacist advisor isn't on your case then it might be good to go a little lower just so you'll have more confidence in your decision. 
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