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Ohio passes "Pill Mill Bill"


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The "Pill Mill Bill" passed Friday May 20th 2011 in Ohio.  A victory for prescription drug abuse advocates.  You can read about the contents of the bill at the following link.  You will have to scroll down to the 3rd article on the page to see it.  Be sure to click on the 'read comments' to the right of the article to view what people said regarding the article!




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Is this a start?


Even though they don't understand many of what they call "med seekers" are trying stay out of withdrawal, perhaps the staggering numbers of this epidemic is drawing the attention of some.


I like what he said here, "House Bill 93 makes it clear that Ohio will not tolerate unethical doctors and their crooked operations, and we’ll do everything in our power to shut them down,” Kasich said in a written statement.


Now if we could get the attention on benzodiazipines as well as these painkillers.

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Since Governor Kasich appears to be serious about this problem, I sent him via his website the following message:


Re: Pill Mill Bill,

My hope is that this type of awareness and action will extend to prescription benzodiazepines. Benzos steal the health of people so slowly that often the connection is never made between the illness and the drug. Due to this thousands of people are misdiagnosed with other health problems, both Mental and Physical. If the connection is made there is a vast amount of ignorance in the medical community about benzo withdrawal which is physically more severe (and quite often debilitating) and longer in duration (6 to 18 months long) than withdrawal from opiates. People are losing their children, spouses, jobs and homes due to this widely prescribed class of drug. It is putting an enormous financial strain on healthcare, medicaid, medicare, and Social Security - and many end up on disability.

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