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Letter to UK Parliament/Pharmaceutical Company Conduct


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Here is a little background information on the author before you read the paper he submitted to parliament.


Barry Haslam founded Oldham TRANX in the UK after suffering brain shrinkage visible on a scan which he claims is the result of being prescribed Ativan, Librium, and Valium for ten years according to the Daily Mail (Don't let this freak you out buddies, he says he was on 30 mg of Ativan daily, which an EXTREMELY high dose).  Oldham TRANX is a charitable organization for benzodiazepine addiction help and awareness.


He gave some very interesting information on the conduct of three Pharmaceutical companies that produce benzodiazepines here in the US.  Here is the link:





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Thankyou very much for this.


When was this published? I have read a bit on Barry Haslam but nothing showing he did get this specific type of damage.


I cannot believe section #4. "The Provision of Drug Information by Wyeth and Roche".


And they never followed one of their own "straightup" rules in their points made for the marketing of these drugs. They totally lied.


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