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Librium to Valium


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Hope everyone is well.


Yesterday I started the crossover from Librium to Valium.

I know everything is relative but compared to a lot of people here I was on a rather low dose, 50 mg Librium (25 mg 2 x per day).  As you know the equivalency is 20 mg Valium (as per Dr. Ashton, 20 mg 2 x per day).


Both yesterday and today I've been feeling heavily sedated after my morning V dosage of 10mg.  Not asleep, just sleep walking.  Mentally as sharp as a butter knife.  No depression and practically no anxiety.  I was so out of it that when I took my PM dosage instead of taking 10 mg of V, I took 5 mg, then a few hours later took the other 5mg.  By the evening I was perked up (not high) and was able to work out quite intensely.  Today I was again sedated all day, as a teacher couldn't work but 7 hours later I was less sedated and though "what the heck" (actually it was a little stronger than that:) and took the full 10 mg for the PM dose.


I want to get to the Valium regiment and stabilize as quickly and safely as possible.  Once I'm there I can start to make cuts but I know not until I'm stable with the cross over.


I could find no "switch over" chart in the Ashton Manual for Librium to Valium (I've looked all over the forum and can't find one, did I miss something is there a Librium to Valium chart?), just all the other benzos.

I noticed that in the "switch charts" Dr. Ashton has the patient introduce the V only with the PM dosage.  I'm wondering if I should do that, taking the Librium in the AM (so I'm not so sedated, can work and address my life). However, I don't want to go backwards, Ashton seems to believe in slow, gentle movement forward, but discourages retreat.


I'm two days in now.  Should I just suck it up and ride it out or take it a bit slower and take Librium in the AM for a week, and then switch over to Valium exclusively?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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Sorry to all, this is the wrong thread for this topic.

I realized that after I started it restarted it in the Substitute Tapper thread.


So if you want to respond that's place to do so.

I've asked the moderator to remove this post so as to avoid redundancy and make life easier for anyone who has something to say or add.


My bad,


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