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Zoloft addictive, tell me NO


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11 years on Xanax for anxiety. Took a DUI, almost recked my life, and treatment, but I am now 120 days sober, (yet still on 150 Zoloft)


Tried to taper from 6mg xanax, but too slow and painful, so 30 days treatment. HELL. Adivan, Seraquel, Trazadone during the 30, sober (except Zoloft)


The treatment PSYch told me that the Zoloft was best for me, and in time I could cease treatment, so that's my plan, probably after 6 months sobriety.


MY QUESTION: Is zoloft as addictive, or will I be able to taper off in a few short months. I don't want to do the same wd I did with Xanax. I've always thought that you could just drop the Zoloft, I've been told it's NON addictive. What's the scoop.


PS, does Zoloft give one the feeling that I just exist in a shell, that I'm really nothing but breathing, barely any life or energy. 

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Hi kdog,


Welcome to Benzobuddies!


Dealing with and offering taper plans for other medications aside from benzodiazepines is beyond the scope of this forum.

You might be better off at a site for AD withdrawal. I think www.paxilprogress.org would be very beneficial for you.


That said, I can tell you a little about ssri withdrawal from personal experience. I tapered two times from ssri's and am in the process of a third time.


No, do not just drop it. It needs to be tapered, but depending on your dose, it shouldn't take terribly long. I tapered off paxil 15mg in about two months. I had uncomfortable withdrawal effects, but nothing long term.


I wouldn't really call it addictive, but it definitely creates a physiological dependency. 


Your description of zoloft effects sounds very accurate. I've not taken zoloft, but paxil made me feel exactly like that on the higher doses of 20 to 30mg.  


Paxilprogress can help you much better than we can, I'm sure.



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