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Well it started yesterday with these obsessive thoughts that where stressing me out, so the thoughts caused a panic and the anxiety started to come on, lightheaded, faint, dizzy.  Then for most the day it turned in to this headache and this pain shoots down the left side of my face to my eye.  It's manageable, but it's bothering.  So when I went to bed anxiety, racing thoughts, had trouble falling asleep, but by the grace of God he let me get some.  Then when I wake up today the headache and pain shooting down to my eye is still going on, and it's hurting bad!


Then while this is happening I begin to think is it a tumor?  Is it an aneurysm?  Is it something else besides stress, anxiety, or w/d?  I don't know?  All I know is I'm tired of worrying.  If it so happens that it is something else I'm going to let whatever happen...happen.  I've been worrying non stop for a year now, and it's just getting really old.  I've been through hell with this and if something else pops I welcome it because I'm already suffering.  Whats another symptom or problem??


But I'm not going to let this stop me from living a normal life anymore.  Probably about to go out and get some exercise in regardless of the consequences.  Can't let this hold me back any longer, it's done held me back, put my life on hold, and tortured me for too long now.

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