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Need Klonopin taper plan


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This will be my second attempt. 18 year use. 1 mg clon.

I dropped .5 in four weeks last oct.

Held. got better, (not healthy, but better)

have tried 5 times to get under .5

I drop .0125 every ten days.

Hit wall at .3  was worried I'd end up in hospital or dead. VERY sick. Doc insisted up dose. went to .75.

Still not well, but able to walk with a cane now.


I am going to hold here then start down.

Any words of wisdom other than slow? Should I figure a year for 1 mg?

I tried a v c/o  doc pushed me over in 5 days, failed that. (that was months ago)

Some say to slowly add v or librium to help.


Any ideas? I know the ride down is rough.

Wishing I had not up dosed, but it is good to be out of bed for bit and able to shower.


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Hi Sammycat:


Congrats on your progress so far.  One option would be to do a liquid titration.  You could stretch your .75 over 100 days or hold on some days as needed to make it longer.  If you decide to do this, you can post a schedule request on the titration board.  Feel better.



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