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What is the purpose of a benzowise doc?

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I saw my benzowise dr. for the second time a couple of days ago.....He is willing to do valium....He was pretty impressed with my dry cut schedule and thinks that I should continue that unless I wanted to do something else. He wasn't crazy about the wt....He said that by cutting small amounts everyday I wouldn't know when I became stuck. He also encouraged detox with pheno....I then asked him about liquid klonipin and he had to look it up.....He said that the drops would be too big....I was disappointed that he didn't know more about it....


He offered trazadone and neurontin because of the sleep and anxiety.....I told him I didn't want to have to get off anything else. He swore they weren't like that...I saw a lot of people in the office with rxs.....


I asked him how many benzo patients he sees...."Oh I see at least a couple a week." Gosh am I the only one tapering a benzo in CA????


I really liked him and he spent a lot of time with me.....I was just curious if all benzo drs. were like this and are they are mainly benzo drs. because they prescribe valium? I wasn't sure what to expect but I just felt like I was the only one in my state to have this......



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I use to ask the same when I trusted my old doctors', who thought that benzo withdrawal was no big deal.

I was told to cold turkey 5mg of Klonopin once by a doctor. I did, and ended up in a great deal of pain and hell by the 5th or 6th day.  :o

Searching for a doctor who understood just a little bit about Benzodiazepines was a task itself. I had to change doctors several times before I got Valium to taper down. The doctors I seen before told me to cut at 0.5mg of Klonopin every week, or 0.25mg of Klonopin every 2 weeks, which was correct at 0.25mg, BUT they still had no clue as I was overlooked. I finally found a doctor. I told him the Klonopin was not working, and at the same time I admit .. I had to lie to him in order to get Valium, telling him that I had taken Valium before. I had no choice as he asked, and if I said no.. he would have kept me on Klonopin, as it was making me so sick! I go in get the script, and tell him all is ok and leave. He may ask one or two questions and that's it. In Massachusetts.. I found not one doctor who was supportive of Ashton nor Valium. I changed when I moved to NY.

I have had many offers to go to detox and the Phenobarb. Route, but I just dropped the doctor and went on to find another, as I knew that detox was not the answer for me, personally.

Yes, my doctor wants me to go on other meds. I refuse.

I believe there are Benzo-Wise doctors out there, but very rare to find one. Most people do what they can, and just taper off. My doctor does not know I'm tapering, but prescribes Valium. If he knew I was tapering.. he would want me to detox or it would be his way.

I'm not giving medical advice, but only my experiences.






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Neurontin is aka GABApentin. So ........ not like Benzos? my buttocks.  It's the New Benzo ... The New Rotten


So you did the right thing avoiding that ...

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Your doc is not a benzo wise doc if he doesn't know that clon can be compounded into a ratio of .1 mg to 1 ml.

There are 20 drops in one ml. So, you use an eye dropper to take your dose. A pain in the rear but its about as exact as you can get.


You can slow down the taper by cutting every every third day or so or you can add your compounded clon to a few mls of water. Mix well.


I am now over to liquid clon and feel I have FAR more control of my taper.




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