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Happy Mother's Day -- and don't let the stress derail you!


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I'd like to wish all of you moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. It's an emotional day for many of us husbands and sons, just as it is for you. My wife of 26 years (as of May 25) has been so helpful and supportive the past 33 days of hell. It took a lot of effort to go out yesterday on a Saturday (yikes! crowded drug store and grocery!) to get her cards and the "fixings" for breakfast and dinner. It's so hard to shift my attention from focusing inward on what I am going through and to find a way to do all the things to help my wife have a great mother's day. (My own mother and I are estranged, and she's got advanced Alzheimer's and is in a locked nursing home psychiatric unit in Tennessee, so to me she's essentially dead. So, that makes today a little bit more difficult.)


Still, finding the strength to do what I need to do today will, I hope, help make me stronger as I move forward into time and deal with the challenges life throws at me -- when all I really want to do is crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! I hope all of you moms out there who are struggling through WD find a way to enjoy today, and those of you who are dealing with doing something for someone you love, I hope you find the strength to make their day special -- and may you reap some benefit from their happiness.


Have a great day, everyone.


Jac in Tucson


Me on Day 33 from a CT:  :-\

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