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What to do when you're at the end of your rope and can't tie another knot


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I don't know either Christine - this is so very tough.  I have been sitting here glued to my couch and the computer just looking for help and reassurance.  I need to get a shower but can't move -is this fear?  What in the Hell is happening to us?  I have read all the success sstories over and over and even some of them frighten me.....all we can really do is try to remember those short windows we had and KNOW that is who we are going to be one day again....I just don't KNOW that yet.

      People on  BB have told me this is our Benzo Mind and we have to remember this is not our rational/sound mind.....our Benzo Mind wants us to be frightened.....why would a part of our own brain want to hurt us so badly.

      Are you still continuing the Neurofeedback.  We just have to keep going, one foot in front of the other and it is oh so difficult to do but that is really our only option.  We can't go back on the drug - we have suffered too much for too long to do that.....although I am so tempted many times just to get a little relief.  But we can do this Christine - we are Philly girls - we are tough, and strong.....we will be celebrating one day - I promise you!!  Love Hoping

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