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my name is Assu, I was a member of other benzo withdrawal groups that were closed. I decided to come to Benzobuddies.

I've been off all drugs for 18 months next 16th of May- risperdal (several doses for 13 years, highest 2mg/day), zoloft and other ads (several doses for 13 years, highest 50mg/day), lorazepam (several doses for 13 years, highest was 2.5mg/day).

Problems began when I quit risperdal at 0.5mg at the end of 2006. I felt rigid muscles, dizziness, tinnitus. I was told it was stress and anxiety and advised to increase lorazepam up to 2.5mg/night. I had memory loss, benzo cog, tiredness, irritability, extreme anxiety.

Realized that drugs were making me sick and began taper. Same symptoms remained for 1 year. Been to many doctors and was diagnosed with meniere's syndrome.

Problems at work drove me to serious withdrawal symptoms: sleeping 3 nonconsecutive hours/night or no sleep, couldn't walk or move my head due to dizziness, heart palpitations, couldn't look at pc, strange eye symptoms.

Ended 25mg zoloft cold turkey. Extreme irritability, anxiety, obsessive thoughts (this is my worst symptom), anger.

Was fired due to a my employers BIG mistake. Went very worse on withdrawal, suicide feelings.  Crossed over to valium, did a 6 month taper.

6 months off I was able to think, and remember things, my cognition improved. Spent two years unemployed and sleeping an average of 4 hours/night. Extreme anxiety and heart palps


Back to work last April first. I was working and doing better until this week. At work I had to use headphones and listen to music to escape noise and concentrate. My diziness came back, obsessive thoughts and anger/hate returned. The week befor my menstrual cycle became very hard to bcope with: I go nuts: Maybe it's it!! Don't know.

I'm here for support.

I take BUspar to deal with anxiety, one month now. Also magnesium. I was doing great and glad to be back to work. I'm here for support and to get info on Buspar.

Thank you very much

Assu, almost 18 months off risperdal, zoloft and lorazepam after 13 years of intake

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Welcoming you to BenzoBuddies.


You will find plenty of support here.

Glad that you found us.




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Hello Assu and welcome to BB! Congrats on being benzo free. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well this week. Glad you found us, you will find lots of great support here.
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Hi and welcome to BenzoBuddies, Assu.


I have read many posts by our female members that symptoms flared up the week or so before their periods so that is likely the culprit this time.  I don't know anything about Buspar but you may find some past posts about it by typing it in the search box above. 

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Buspar is safer than many other drugs to treat anxiety. My son took it for several months. The only thing he didn't like was a short episode of dizziness about 50% of the time he dosed. It worked well on his anxiety. It's easier to get off, as well. It takes a few weeks to work, as you know. If it doesn't seem to be working, the next step would be to evaluate whether the dose is high enough. Good luck!
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