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Going to Bed a Cue For Adrenaline and Stomach Pain

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Hey All,


Insomnia/adrenaline/anxiety is what got me on benzos like so many and I'm trying my best to battle through the hell of this.  Last night I tried to follow chrisW's advice about sleeping--don't go to bed until you can't keep your eyes open another second.  Well I didn't.  I tried to force it (after jogging with the dog for a short time which I had NO business doing) and doing some sit ups.  Alll of this around 8 pm.  Any wonder my body didn't want to go to sleep?  Anyway, I have this automatic "Pavlov's dog" response to trying to sleep now (which is actually the same as when I started klonopin):  the adrenaline starts and two minutes later, my stomach is acidic and hurting.  When I pray and do self talk I comfort myself knowing that I am trying to force something my system is not ready for (though I'm ridiculously fatigued), but the stomach pain remains as a residual effect of the adrenaline.  Therefore, even though I finally get to the point that my eyes are closing in sleep, my brain is saying "oh no you don't--your stomach hurts too much".  This morning, it's like a knife in my chest through to my back.  I used to beat myself up saying that I had to control the adrenaline and that I was so weak if I couldn't.  Trying to be more respectful of the fact that my brain and CNS are really confused right now and that it's not my fault.  But that split second "what if I don't sleep" thing or "what if my stomach starts hurting and it turns into an ulcer" thing sets the stage for the rest of the night.  I'm ticked that my system is so sensitive, but the anger ends up being self-directed.  So I think I pieced together a couple hours between 2 and 5 a.m.


Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew the physiology of the adrenaline/stomach acid thing?  I have no intention of taking antacids if I can help it and definitely not ulcer meds.  Been on that rollercoaster before.  Don't want to make myself sick with an ulcer either.  If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it.  Gonna rock 2 hours of sleep today!!  Woo hoo!!!



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