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maybe akathesia? xanax second cut...does anyone else give up?


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i became so restless and agitated today that i considered just "having an extra 2mlgs xanax"...to calm down even though im down to 3.5 mlgs. When i went from 6 mlgs to just under 4 mlgs a few weeks ago.... i had a valium or 2 to help with the reduction and the interdose w/d's. ive just reduced by .25 again ...its the fourth day and the agitation was so bad that i had a valium....rather than that extra xanax.  To help with this small reduction. Can a little valium every time i reduce hurt my taper. I feel like ive made progress considering a few months ago i was in a stupor of alcohol xanax valim and codeine. Im sticking to the xanax taper as well as i can. Does anyone ever slip into temptation ? I think i might have akathesia...constant restlessness!

Surely one valium with the longer half life was better than taking a whole extra 2 mlgs xanax


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...seems to me...gem...that you would fair better if you did a slow and gradual crossover to valium and use only valium.  ...xanax...as you may know...is notorious for interdose w/d.  ...if you used only valium...once you did a SLOW crossover...i think you would find that you would do much better.


check out these crossover schedules here:  http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzsched.htm


the key to a correct crossover is to do a very slow one....i can't find the information i had about how to do one.  ...i hope somebody else chimes in and instructs you.  ...otherwise...go here: http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?board=61.0 and ask someone to help you with developin a c/o schedule.


...yes...using valium and xanax can mess with your taper.  ...i really understand why you are using valium...but...goin up and down with doses and mixing two benzos is goin to make things harder for you.


...and..oh yes..i have slipped into temptation.  ...i...too... a few times used valium.  ...big mistake. ...it just made it all that much harder to keep taperin the klonopin.  ...that up and down thing wreaks havoc on me.


...i so understand the restlessness...oh...do i.  ...i am restless as can be tonite and so want to updose...but...i am grittin my teeth and holdin on.  ...the anxiety and restlessness is killer...drive me nuts.  ...i relate.


...just give lots of thought to using valium and doin a slow taper off of it.  ...many people swear by doin a crossover or have found that they had to do so.


...hope this helps a little.



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Hey sam,

i really agree with you. It just sucks that ...well 3.5 xanax equals 20 valium per day? I cannot find a doctor to prescibe that too me in australia....though i would like to cross over now. Becuase of this problem do you think i should  just wait to reduct the xanax down to say 2 mlg = that would be the equvalent to 8 tablets of valium per day. Im familiar with the ashton manual...a doctor may be more willling to prescibe this amount. to be honest im just tired of doctors. Maybe one of the ppl here can help me with my doctor...im just too scared and frustrated to deal with them. Everythime i go there i just wanna cry and cant believe how ignorant they are. As for mixing the 2 meds (and i know k is just as potent as xanax)...i think the aston manual talks about combining these meds to cross over at an equivalent dose. But there isnt a doctor here who will give me  a bottle of valium every two days hmmmm unless i do rapid detox...which has never worked before.


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Sydney Australia Dr. Andrew Byrne 75 Redfern st. Redfern 2016 NSW. Australia Ph: 02 93195524 Email: ajbyrne@ozemail.com.au   - 2 (7.4%)

Melbourne Australia TRANX Australia 222 Burke Rd Glen Iris 3146 Victoria. Australia Ph: 0398897355  Email: tranx@alphalink.com.au


and there is this:  AUSTRALIA





May have list of benzo friendly Doctors in Victoria.

222 Burke Rd.,


Victoria. Australia.

Ph: 0398897355

Email: tranx@alphalink.com.au


..i dunno where you live in australia.  ...these places anywhere near you?


...pulled this information off of http://benzowithdrawal.com/forum/index.php?topic=1047.45 and http://benzodocs.com ...i have no idea of how current this info is.


...i don't know enuff to advise you bout a possible reduction rate.


...know very well how frustratin and scary it is to deal with doctors.  ...i become very scared when havin to deal with them as it pertains to benzos...gem. 


...i hope you post your question in the "taperin" section!


...i really hope that you can get some help from the listings above.  ...it would be great if you could.


...it has to be so hard if you can't get valium in australia.  ....unbelievable.  ...i really am so sorry.


...if you can't get valium....have you thought about a very slow water titration?  ...the water titration could help you go so very slowly and gradually.


...just really hope you can find a new doctor...gem.  ..i wish it were not so hard.  ..whew.






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