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Need a Plan Please!!!


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Start date: 5-2-11


Dose: 0.50mg Xanax


Tablet dose: 1 mg tabs.


Number of tablets: 1/2 of one


Taper rate: I need to be 100% off by June 6th or 5 weeks


Cylinder details: 100mg cylinder


(and for xanax I have heard many diffrent things on what the best thing to use for a liquid for xanax as it doesnt dissolve very well)


I need this ASAP as Im pregant and need to come off this stuff it can cause MAJOR problems to the baby 

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Hi Leandra,


I can do this for you. I just have a couple of qestions:


Is your doctor aware of your plans to taper off? If so, what are his recommendations? (speed, rate, size cuts)


Due to your pregnancy, we need to exercise even greater caution in providing you with a plan. It's imperative you are working with your doc's full knowledge and cooperation.


Let me know!



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