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Emotional and Physical Depression


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Dear Friends,


I've been on the board a lot today but I just wanted to ask one more question.


I experience both emotional and physical depression.  Sometimes I have them at the same time and other times I have one or the other.  This is hard to explain but I will get nerve pain in my places on my body but then the physical depression will come into the nerve pain particularly in my rear end, hips, sides.  I wake up with physical depression in my head.  The emotional depression can feel physical in a way but it is not the same as the physical depression I am trying to explain.  The physical depression hurts so badly that my emotional depression gets worse trying to bear the physical depression and the dark thoughts are there because it is so unbearable.


I hope this makes sense and I was wondering if others feel this difference between these two types of depression. 


Are these two types of depression common in withdrawal?  Will both of these types of depression lift?


Thanks for helping me.  Hope4us

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