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In my own experience, Progesterone was not good. I am on Klonopin and was in 2012-2013 when I started taking it. I don't it, but my hormone Dr. and I decided to give a try in addition to my Estradiol.

I had no idea of the effect of the GABA receptors that it had.

I started getting very sleepy, forgetting things, putting pillowcases in the freezer etc. It was weird. I started not to feel good and realized it was lowering my Estradiol, which is does. It opposes Estradiol.

I stopped taking it and had withdrawal symptoms. I researched it and found out that it produces a metabolite called Allopregnanalone which is as potent as benzo's. It took me about 3 months or more to withdraw. I believe I had to up dose the K.

I still have my posts which are from back in 2013, I believe.

Please do your research first and then make a decision.

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I take 200 mgs bioidentical progesterone every night, and have for over almost 10 years.  It has been just fine.  I used to take 300, then reduced to 100 with absolutely no problems.  I am back to 200 now to balance it with my bi estrogen.  My naturopath and previous holistic medical doctor both assured me that there is nothing in bioidentical progesterone to be concerned about.  I had a hormone panel done and so the dose was prescribed based on that.



Research first. 

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