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What’s everyone’s thoughts on hydroxyzine? Is it something that if I took I’d have to taper off and go through withdrawls? Honestly my bugger  symptoms are anxiety (over nothing) and sleep disturbance.
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Hydroxyzine is just a sedating antihistamine, albeit a strong one. I took it off and on during my taper to help with sleep. It sometimes helped for a few nights, and then when it didn't any longer, I dropped it. I had no problems with just dropping it. No withdrawals. I definitely didn't have to taper it off. I understand your concerns.


Sleep disturbance is a bear. You could try hydroxyzine and see how you go. It will probably give you some decent sleep for awhile. But here's an alternative (a kissing cousin) that isn't prescription: Unisom sleep tabs. Also a sedating antihistamine, Unisom can be bought at any drugstore. But like hydroxyzine, it stops working after a bit also.


I "mixed and matched" things to help me sleep. Melatonin (a low dose, like 1 mg). Chamomile tea worked well. Unisom. Tryptophan. Inositol. I finally settled on a combo of CBC marijuana and indica marijuana. I make my own tinctures. They work better than anything I tried previously.


Hope this helps,



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